What is PayNow™ and How Do I Enroll?

Welcome to PayNow™, Securus™ Technologies' automated operator credit card payment method from over 2,000 correctional facilities throughout the United States.

With PayNow, friends and family alike can connect with their loved ones and pay for each call with the convenience of a major credit card. There are no accounts to set up — you just pay for the calls you choose to accept.

For call duration(s) and pricing, or to understand how PayNow works, please select from the menu above. For further information, you may read the PayNow's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or you can contact us so we may be of further assistance.

Choose PayNow for the most convenient, user-friendly, inmate calling experience.

How Do I Stop Receiving PayNow Calls?

If you no longer wish to receive calls from the PayNow service, enter your telephone number in the field provided below. Please note that you will no longer be able to pay for collect calls from the correctional facilities using your credit card.